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Market Expansion Services

ONCE the Asian market has been understood and the brand value has been created, the next steps would be to create local offices, launch new programs relevant to that geography and eventually establish campuses. While the attempt to procure students across the globe with an intent to be diverse is the current practice, this strategy is limited; as only a small contingent of students do, or have the ability, or the socio-political situations allows them to. We have understood this limitation and the opportunity it creates; hence we have consulted for many institutions to setup in Asia.

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A dedicated team of the university, present locally has more value than has been realized. This helps in a focused approach. Our team will support in:

  • Staff Recruitment and HR Advisory:   We will help hire and setup a dedicated local team. We will also help manage and advise them on strategies and act as your local HR advisory and manage payroll activities
  • Country Compliance:   Counsel the university on local statutory and legal/financial laws and compliance


We would spearhead the project in establishing the campus in the country. We would help form the strategy and execute the setup of campus. We would be integral part of the process in:

  • Campus setup
  • Partner identification
  • Plan to execution
  • Compliance (Finance & Legal)
  • Recruitment
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We would provide all the facilities required for online instruction and peer interaction. Additionally also proctor the University tests


The job market usually dictates or foretells how the educational institutions should structure their courses. Entering a new economy always throws up interesting and new possibilities. We help the university to create, launch and manage such new programs. Strong presence of both the academic stalwarts and business leaders in our team helps us advice and council devise and offer new programs like hybrid, universities executive education, online program as or on any new technology

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Alumni are an extremely important relationship to foster, as this brings in far more benefits than otherwise perceived; as they impact ranking, marketing, admissions, funding, donations and they essentially are the university’s priced possession; hence harnessing from this group would prove to be prudent. We understand this is a challenge for the university as it isn’t its core function. We would want to take this of our client’s hands and be able to offer true value so that they gain immensely from this engagement