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Market Entry Services

OUR consultants understand and have extensive in launching global brands in education. We understand the touch-points for maximum impact. Our branding motto is to always highlight the University’s brand. Unlike usually assumed, we don’t focus only on the student contingent; we believe that a university can gain so much from entering a market, hence we support to reap benefits from all sections of the market.

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We help the university’s brand be known across the country. Unlike an agent’s agenda to accentuate their brand and have myriad universities under it; we focus solely in creating and sustaining an independent brand identity for our clients


Our constant focus is to create a brand that has a recollection value across all intended sections of the market. Hence we are keenly involved with both conventional: i.e. print, visual, digital and social media; and non-conventional: brand awareness such as being featured in in-country rankings, studies , statistics, presence in events and various other business and academic associations. Our branding awareness activity is always aimed at reaching all sections alike: students, educational institutions, government & business

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As a strategic partner we will help the universities lead and manage public relations. We’ll help outline the PR plan, to build strategic relationship with media houses and other external stakeholder


We would act as the university’s local point of contact. Because of the time difference, the student contingent may find it extremely difficult to connect to the university. Hence we would act as our client's local point of contact

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ASTRALEAP would facilitate and maintain strategic partnerships to be able to reap all the benefits from all intended sections of the market:

ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIP:    ASTRALEAP will facilitate academic partnerships with local universities and schools. We will build a feeder school/university network. Benefits of this partnerships are immense, like joint research, exchange programs, faculty exchange, joint programs to name a few

MEDIA & PR::    Maintaining relationships with media houses is pivotal to the university’s local success. Our lasting association with these establishments helps us build your brand and publish regularly. This relationship would help in local press publication, regular reporting of the university’s performance and also use these platforms to educate and advertise

BUSINESS/CORPORATE ALLIANCE:    ASTRALEAP through its industry network will guide and facilitate valuable corporate partners. These partnerships would provide for research, consulting, executive education, online programs, customized corporate programs, projects, case studies, internship, placements, and study tours, industry visits, and funding; thereby adding value to the university’s program offerings

GOVERNMENT & POLICY MAKERS:    An understanding of the process and the statutory requirements for functioning is crucial. A relationship with the policymakers and government is essential for institutions to succeed. Our connections with this esteemed group makes us your ideal companion

STUDENTS:    As a consultant and local representative for the university we’ll manage the pipeline from initial impression to conversion. Assisting students through application process, keeping them engaged and interested, to avoid any conversion funnel leakage

AGENTS:    We will support in adding new agents to build a broader agent network across the region. We will also manage these agency relationships. We represent the university’s interests and align agency efforts for the best outcomes

EVENTS:    We would support in design and delivery of events and delegations. We would help from conceptualizing to actualizing events and delegations (both to and from the university) with campaigns and media visibility. Also help the university to be regular at education fairs, industry seminars and corporate relationship building forums


Executive education in recent years has been an ideal way to enter a market and then capture the market share; hence requires a thorough understanding of the requirements and develop a program that would suit the local audience. We would help conceptualize programs and customize to the local audience and requirements. We have the expertise to manage this program from start to finish. We would be an integral part of this program from marketing to certification.

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We believe that having an online program as an option is a non-negotiator, as the model is scalable and additionally allows a university to test the waters before launching a full-time program. With the experience of launching various online programs, we would act as the custodians of the program and manage it. From conception of the program to branding, ASTRALEAP would be actively involved in every aspect of the program


Potential and accepted international students would require bridging programs either to ease the transition or duplicate some of the program conducted at the campus, so that a student is ready to start upon the commencement. Also an effective in-country student engagement plan from acceptance to travel would mitigate and minimize leakage in the conversion funnel

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Study tours, industry visits and exchange program requires a local support for student. Our team will facilitate and ensure such initiatives meets its desired objectives