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Gabriel Kingsly

Gabriel Kingsly is Partner – Brand Activation at ASTRALEAP.

As a key member of the management team, Gabriel is actively involved in formulating strategies for the organization. He contributes to the building of the organizational brand.

For the clients, Gabriel offers deep insights and recommends solution which stems from his understanding of the patterns and trends of the Industry. He focuses on building a brand strategy for the organization. He is a keen mind who constantly focuses on building global brands. His understanding of the market originates from his in-depth research, analysis and spending in-human hours in the solution process. He is a great advocate of the digital space and intends for the clients to gain immensely from its high tide. His understanding of the platforms, his market foresight and his recommendations for the positioning of the brand makes him a marketing and advertising pundit and an important peg in the solution model.

Gabriel is a serial entrepreneur who has built scalable brands. Some of his successful ventures include Talento Experto, Excelsior India, Arcane Services and GABEKING MEDIA. He has held leadership roles with global brands such as Tesco PLC, ICICI Group companies and Bharti Airtel.