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For Students

OUR proximity to universities around the globe makes us the ideal mentor for aspiring students to consult and get counsel. We focus on understanding student’s need and then structure a search pattern.

Our modus operandi is to help plan student’s career path as we believe gaining a college degree should steer you on that route. We are in essence the best people for you to talk, to get an understanding of the global educational landscape.

Getting accepted to any university abroad warrants a whole lot of effort. The entire process can be tedious and time consuming. Here are few easy steps:

1. Profiling:

A brainstorming Session with an expert counselor will help the student understand the options and can make choice based on the information provided. Ideally for this the counselor would require the students credentials, such as:

  • Academic qualification
  • Financial status
  • Career goals
  • Work Experience

2. Standardized Test

The review of your Score on GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL will help ascertain on colleges to apply for

3. Country , Course, and University Selection

In this process the student will be able to identify the country, university and Course.

USA, UK, Australia are among the top countries which are preferred by most of the students. These countries are best in terms of:

  • High Quality Education
  • On the job training
  • Job opportunities
  • Cultural Exposure

4. Visa Process

Each country requires different visa process to be followed. Access the below link to get a clear picture for the choice of the country