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OUR constant endeavor is to make our clients profitable and solve their biggest challenges; hence everything internally is aligned to that resolve. We don’t aim to be different in our effort to be, but in the transformation that we cause as a result of the partnership.


REAP ALL THE BENEFITS:   When a university enters a new market, apart from benefiting from student pool, the university will gain immensely from all quarters of the market, namely; associations with business establishments for research, consulting, executive education, projects, case studies , funding, placements, internships, projects, study tours and industry visits; facilitate and maintain partnership with academic institutions for joint research, exchange program, faculty exchange and joint programs; local media connections for media publication, reporting and other PR activities; relationship with government establishments and policy makers for ease of establishing when the need arises, statutory and compliance process and also as a customer for executive education; build a nexus of educational agents across the country for easier, effective and efficient student intake.
Our approach is to always look at the market holistically and not unilaterally.

OPPORTUNITY IN PROBLEM:  Our team is trained to look at opportunities in problems. Benefits of reaping from opportunities in problems outweigh those from the solution to it, hence we are always vigilant.

NON-TRANSACTIONAL:  As we focus on solutions that are long-term and not temporal, we also intent for the partnership with our clients to be non-transactional. Hence our solutions aren’t shortsighted for quick gains, but comprehensive and substantial


ROBUST SOLUTION:   Our approach always is to offer solutions in totality and not look at, a problem hence our attitude is always holistic as a singular fix with blinders on can aggravate the rest

EYE FOR DETAIL:  As a research led organization; our people have the ability to read trends and patterns as we understand that the difference is in the detail


SUCCESS PARTNERS:   As a natural outcome of the partnership we strive for our partner’s success. From everything that we do both internally and externally we never shy away from that promise

IMPACT ON BOTTOM LINE:  Maximizing client’s profitability and constantly scouting for new areas of revenue is our mode of operating. Hence our clear objective through every activity is to have direct impact on the bottom-line


GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES:   Our exposure and proximity to educational institutions around the globe aids us in bringing the best practices to each university that we partner with

EXPERIENCE:  We are uniquely placed in our experience of creating innovative brands in education. This qualifies us with firsthand knowledge of the intricacies in the process

PEOPLE:  Perhaps our single most defining character that sets us apart is our people. Led by individuals with unparalleled experience and exposure, who themselves have been instrumental in heading and setting up global Institutions from the ground up. Additionally in our constant effort to offer the best to our clients, we simply hire the best


We are not just mere strategy consultants but strategy and implementation consultants. What that means is that we aren’t just idea creators or problem solvers, but intent to drive the idea to fruition and the solution to completion. In this regard we standout; as a quintessential managing consulting firm focuses on the solution model and never the implementation of it. We take immense pride in our expertise to carry out the very solutions we recommend

We believe our work is not completed unless the solutions have been materialized and the preferred outcome has been realized.