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OUR fervent belief is that we are as good as our people. Hence our constant endeavor is to take in the best and groom them to be world class. Learning is at the core of everything we do and aspire to do. Doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or a professional, working with us will be equally challenging and satisfying.

We offer a global experience and an opportunity in developing world class expertise. We believe in each individual’s innate ability and uniqueness; hence we strive to harness and foster it. We put a lot of premium on building relationships both internally and externally, which we believe emanates from being one’s true self; hence we have zero appetite for masquerades. With respect to our people, which we consider to be our most prized possession, our approach always is that of a marathoner and not a sprinter. Hence we welcome anyone who is looking at the longshot to build a career and be part of this exhilarating experience.

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WE work with educational institutions around the globe to build capabilities and competences at every level. In essence we solve their toughest challenges, in our pursuit in doing that we require individuals who are always willing to learn and grow.

If your interest lies in consulting for institutions, broadening our clients’ digital footprint and analytical capabilities or strengthening the firm’s operations; every individual at ASTRALEAP is pivotal in our pursuit to leave an indelible mark in our client’s path to success and offer true value.

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Associate - Digital Marketing Specialist

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Associate Consultant - International Management

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Associate -Graphic & WebDesigner

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Consultant - Client Engagement (US)

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Consultant - Client Engagement (India)